Tick Tock

As we are closing in on our final few weeks here in San Diego before the big move I’m finding myself full of so many different emotions. We have something planned literally almost every single day until we leave (which includes eating as many California burritos as possible). Not to mention our house that isn’t going to pack itself. Packing definitely isn’t my forte. I’m flying to Philadelphia tomorrow for 3 days for a conference and I’m dreading even packing my small carry on suitcase for that trip!Atom & I have been busy dreaming up plans for the kitchen we will be building from the ground up (and decorating it with a country chicken theme!) as well as our plan of attack to get a shower in as fast as physically possible once we are out there. I can’t wait to cook huge meals for anyone who wants to join us for dinner out of the commercial kitchen.  

I’m also starting to get sad. It doesn’t seem real yet. Last night my parents threw us an amazing AMAZING taco fiesta going away party with my very large extended family and close family friends. It was so much fun & I found myself sobbing my face off opening up all of the cards that were placed in a car piñata that were full of well wishes and gift cards for our drive across country. We are so thankful for my family and all they have done for us and their unconditional love & support through all of this. Without it I don’t know how we would be getting through it. Following Gods call is scary but also completely exhilarating. Even with all of the unknowns that are still there we aren’t worried. We know he wouldn’t have led us this far without having an ultimate plan for us. 

T-minus 24 days! 

Here’s a news article I found from when the building was dedicated in September of 1927. Super cool!  I absolutely love learning more & more of the buildings history! 

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