My family has been in town for the past week and the last 2 days my sister & nephew stayed with us. After spending the afternoon checking out the local 4H fair (which was really neat!) our plans were thwarted by the unpredictable Indiana weather. It was too hot & humid to be outside and the bowling alley didn't open until later in the evening. We were racking our brains as to what we could do with the kids and have a super fun evening together at home. Then a lightbulb went off above Atom's head. Broomball. He grabbed the car keys & told our oldest son to go with him to the store while my sister & I got started on making dinner. They got back about 30 min later and got to work transforming the basement into an arena. Considering our basement isn't ice (although I can only imagine it will feel like I've come winter) we improvised a bit. 6 brooms, 2 soccer goals & one four square ball in a 6,000 sq ft basement.

We had the BEST time playing!! The brooms that Atom bought didn't make it easy to hit the ball far which made it more difficult and also more fun. The kids were laughing nonstop and when we added the "play it where it lies" rule it added a whole new dimension of fun. At times the ball ended up on the stage, under sofas & even in the kitchen! We were all sweaty & exhausted by the end (it was a tie & we were all too tired to continue) and after showers for everyone we all went to bed.
Now I want to move more furniture around in the basement to make the playing area bigger. I can see many more broomball tournaments in our future!

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