Making a house (or building) a home

Atom is back to his usual self and renovations are back in full swing! The finishing touches are being put in the bathroom which will more than likely be my next post with the reveal. Finally right?!

We’re finishing up a couple smaller projects before we dive into starting to build a kitchen from the ground up on the second floor. The goal is to have it done by Christmas. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻.

One project I’ve been really looking forward to are the double doors we had planned on installing at the entrance to the second floor foyer from the stairwell. It will make it feel more like a “home.” All 6,000 square feet of it. After living here for 4.5 months it’s amazing how quick we have gotten used to living in such a large space on the second floor that it doesn’t really feel as massive as it really is. It sounds ridiculous to say that out loud but I guess we’ve adapted to it. One thing is for sure, my Apple Watch has yet to not achieve my daily step goal since we’ve moved here!

We had our next door neighbors & their kids over the other night for dinner & a movie upstairs on the third floor in the half way finished theater and I had a moment of “holy crap we actually get to live here?!?!” I’ve had several moments where I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that we get to live in such an amazing community and are making our dreams come true and are living completely debt free. At times I don’t think we deserve it. But God had a plan for us & we have put our trust completely in him through this process & he continues to blow our minds on a daily basis. (If you haven’t read one of my earlier posts called “The God Factor” I recommend it as it tells our journey of faith that happened from when we put in our offer on the building to when we moved here.)

Ok back to the doors. Naturally the second floor loses a lot of heat/cold in the stairwell. Which was another reason we wanted to be able to close it off. Also, once we have a business up & running in the basement it’s a good idea to have the extra security. We custom designed the doors online and ordered them about a month ago. We had to put off installing them & building the arched framework when Atom was having his awful headaches (which thankfully have been completely controlled with his new medication- thank you all SO MUCH for all of the thoughts & prayers!) Last week he got back to work. He actually burned out the motor in his new beefy hammer drill while drilling the wood frame down into the flooring (I can’t remember the type of flooring but it’s hard as stone and extremely difficult to drill into to anchor the frame into) and thankfully it was under warranty & he was able to get it replaced.

Plywood was then added once it was all framed in.

Then Atom ran the electrical for the light switches for both the lights on the stairwell side and in the foyer itself and an outlet. Being almost 100 years old, naturally the amount of electrical outlets in this building are definitely lacking. That will all change over time.

Next, Atom insulated and then put up the drywall. He did this part while I was at work so I didn’t get a photo of that step. He also painted the door a dark brown which I wasn’t sure about at first but once it dried & the second coat was applied I absolutely love the color!

He the mudded all the nails and cracks to give it the flawless smoothness.

The mud had to dry for a day or so & be touched up & then be sanded before painting. I came home from work on Monday to see this as I walked up the stairs. I literally gasped when I saw the finished product.

Here’s another view from up the stairs coming down.

It looks like it was always meant to be there. Like it was built into the archway 91 years ago (of course with an updated digital deadbolt 😉).

Technically it’s not “completely” done yet because Atom still has to cut the wood with his router for the casing that will go around the back of the doors but I’m impatient and wanted to get this post out tonight. Haha.

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Atom is just so talented.

Sweet dreams friends,


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