Guest Bathroom is DONE

Well friends, the day we thought would never actually arrive has finally come. The guest bathroom remodel is officially FINISHED! It has become an ongoing joke between Atom & I that the “super quick bathroom remodel” that just never seemed to end is now done & what we naively thought would only take a few weeks took just shy of 5 months. Which seems like a ridiculously excessive amount of time for a bathroom remodel, even considering we literally ripped everything down to the studs & rebuilt it from the ground up. But when we actually sat down & realized how many other things/projects/life that were simultaneously happening, it wasn’t so bad. Also, you have to remember that Atom is doing ALL of the work by himself. 100% of it. Nothing has been outsourced or hired to be done. Not one bit.

If you don’t remember what this groovy pale pink men’s bathroom looked like before here’s a reminder:

We’ve had the fully functioning shower/tub for almost 3 months which made everything else take a back seat of sorts and not be rushed. (There is a previous post where I showed the finished shower & that whole process). There were quite a few unforeseen obstacles that happened while building this bathroom, the major one of having to completely run new water pipes for the east side of the building which was no easy feat in itself. After smashing out the walls, all new PEX piping was run from our main water line that comes into the building up the walls and into the bathroom (and other places as well).

The shower was framed in and Atom built the walls entirely out of cedar plank. It was completely waterproofed and sealed. Oh and of course the 200 gallon horse trough we turned into the worlds largest (& tallest!) bathtub. He built all of the fixtures etc out of galvanized steel parts. We wanted an industrial meets country theme for this bathroom.

The vanity was also built out of cedar and sealed. We wanted to keep with the galvanized theme so we used smaller buckets as the sinks, varying heights for our varying sized children 😉. (And small buckets for a clothes hamper and trash can)

Atom also built the cabinet and towel rack, keeping with the cedar theme.

Here’s a panorama photo of the bathroom all finished:

Close up of the tub/shower:

The door will eventually be painted but we haven’t quite figured out what color yet & we probably won’t make that determination until we decide the color scheme of the adjoining room which will become a rec/game room.

The window curtain is actually a matching shower curtain that happened to be the exact size of the window. I thought it added a fun different style to the mix.

That darn urinal. Yes it’s still there much to my dismay. Atom tried to take it out but we discovered that sucker is set down 12+” into solid concrete so there was no way on God’s green earth we could break it out without having to completely break out the entire floor and re-pour concrete which we weren’t willing to do. So it’s still there. It’s kind of funny to have a giant urinal in a guest bathroom but whatever. Maybe I’ll hang a plant on it. It’s fully functional & our boys think it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. That is, until it’s time for them to clean it. Haha.

Atom ran new electrical wiring as well, adding separate light switches for the 2 wall lights as well as an outlet next to the sink on the wall. Here’s also a good view of the sinks & their urban faucets that Atom created.

We wanted to keep some original touches to the bathroom so we kept the original toilet paper holder and re-attached it to the side of the shower enclosure.

Another really neat thing Atom discovered was the column of brick that went up the side of the wall. It was previously covered in plaster. Atom chipped away all of that plaster and used a wire brush to show off the bricks. I LOVE this part!

Here are a couple more views from other angles. It was super tough to get everything in the photos. The floor had to be scraped from decades of random paint and stuff on top of it. Atom spent countless hours on his hands & knees hand scraping the floor. His grinder wasn’t getting the job done so it came down to good old fashioned elbow grease. He had to patch quite a few places on the floor from where the old stalls were as well as holes from where the radiator once was under the window. That cement had to cure for 28 days before we could use the concrete paint on top of it.

We are definitely keeping the doorknob on the door. Every single door knob in the building is like this one. And each one has its own individual skeleton key that works. Pretty incredible.

I still need to add a few “decorative touches” to the bathroom but haven’t quite figured out what yet. I’m sure that will come with time.

So there you have it. Guest bathroom now has an official check mark next to it on our mile long to do list of projects. There are still 5 other bathrooms that will eventually be remodeled as well. But for now, it’s time to start building our kitchen on the second floor. Our hope is to have it done & functional by Christmas. Fingers crossed!


15 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom is DONE

  1. I love it, Atom is amazing. Hanging a plant in the urinal sounds like a great idea. You both have great taste in the decor industrial meets country, that’s what I love. That brick that Atom uncovered really adds a great touch too. Am so enjoying this remodel. Both of you take care of yourselves and enjoy the journey.

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  2. It looks so amazing!! I love your idea of hanging a plant in the urinal!!
    Change it out for holidays– like a skeleton for Halloween!!! hahahahahahah!!
    Atom, you are truly a craftsman.
    Love, Mare

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