45 minutes and 19 seconds that started it all

Atom & I closed escrow on the building back in September of last year. It’s super weird to think we have officially owned this building free & clear for an entire year! The two of us flew out here one year ago for a 4 day weekend to get the keys & figure out how the heck we were going to winterize a 20,000 sq ft building. Y’all know we failed miserably at that but it was definitely a learning experience!

I was driving Atom batty with all of the million photos I was taking and subsequently uploading to Facebook. One of my friends (actually I think there were several of you) gave me the not so gentle nudge to do a live Facebook video of a walkthrough of the building. I had never done a live video like that & to be honest I wasn’t too keen on the idea especially since it had been 2 days since we had taken a “real” shower (no shower in the building remember?) and we had just been sponge bathing. Not exactly prime video material 🙈. I decided to just go for it because I knew it would end up being easier rather than uploading all of the photos one by one and could explain everything as I went along. I’m the furthest thing from shy so that wasn’t hindering it haha. It was one year ago today that I posted on my personal page that I would be going live & at what time. I hadn’t even thought about making a separate renovation page at this point. I didn’t know what to expect. I figured maybe a few people would tune in. I HAD NO IDEA how far the video would go. I had over a hundred people watching the entire thing live with me asking questions as I went along which was pretty neat to answer things in real time. After the video was done & uploaded to Facebook for people to see who weren’t able to tune in as it was happening I was shocked as to how many people were liking & sharing it. Once we were back in San Diego it was recommended that I make a separate Facebook page for the renovations (link is to your right if you’re on a desktop I believe & at the bottom if you’re mobile). I’m so glad I did. Naive me thought just my friends would “like & follow” it. Nope. Not even close. Yes, many of my Facebook friends did that, but little did I know how many people were actually interested in our renovation project. One of the first things I did after making the page was link the live walkthrough video and people starting liking & sharing it. A LOT. As of tonight there have been over 17.3k views. Whoa. Also, the page organically started gaining followers. We are about to hit the 7,000 follower mark very soon. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?! I actually made a post awhile ago asking where everyone was from that is following my page and there are people from every corner of the world who are watching & along for the ride. I need to make another post like that since there have been thousands of new followers since that initial location post.

Aside from being recognized all the time as “you’re the one from the video!” and “you are the one from the paper!” I have been most surprised by how many people recognize me within the social media community. I’m in a ton of groups on Facebook for everything from my career as a Respiratory Therapist to mommyhood to planners to cats (#dammitkevin) to old house renovation and the list goes on & on. People who I hadn’t even personally shared our journey with had already either seen the walkthrough video or the Facebook page itself after it was shared by someone else who had found it through someone else. A total snowball effect. Wild.

I wanted to upload the video to YouTube so those who don’t have Facebook could still watch it. We had an issue of someone making fake accounts and purposely disliking my previous YouTube video of the glitter desk, which I found hilarious & doesn’t bother me one bit. If someone doesn’t like any of my videos it’s all good. A thumbs down isn’t going to ruin my day. Just goes to show how miserable of a person they truly are. Those who want to watch the videos and choose to like them will do just that. One bad apple definitely isn’t going to bring us down.

Anyway, now that the video is up I wanted to share the link here in case you missed the original walkthrough video and want to see what the building looked like before we made it our home.

The video that started it all…….


Have a great week friends!


One thought on “45 minutes and 19 seconds that started it all

  1. Theresa
    I love reading all about the renovations. I feel like I know you we like a lot of the same things. Cats, planners old/vintage documents and things. So keep on keepin’ on. And ill keep reading!!

    Liked by 1 person

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