Winter is coming….

It has been quite the busy fall season for us and at the moment I have some time to sit down and finally post an update on our progress and life in general. This post will probably be long & a bit jumpy as I’ll be kind of all over the place and sharing quite a few photos as well. Hope you can hang with me.

I’ve mentioned it in the past how much I’ve enjoyed watching the seasons change here. It’s NOTHING like in San Diego. Here there are real seasons. San Diego is amazing and beautiful year round, but there is just something breathtaking about watching spring change to summer and summer change to fall and fall change to winter. I started taking photos of my favorite tree along the side of the building towards the end of the summer and I’m kicking myself for not taking more earlier from when we first moved here. Watch the progression of the leaves changing.

Back in October we took the kids to a local Apple orchard/pumpkin patch (Phil’s U-Pick. HIGHLY recommend it!) It was such a neat place! It was huge and the orchard went on forever! They had over 30 different varieties of apples and we picked our own as well as pumpkins right off the vine. Atom & our oldest made the best apple pie I’ve ever had from those apples!

Halloween was definitely an experience for us. It was 33 degrees that night. The complete opposite of everything we’ve ever been used to. In San Diego costumes are planned so as to not be too hot in them because it’s usually in the 80s & 90s. Nope. Not here! Our kids piled on the layers and hats and gloves to go out trick or treating. We had a zombie, grim reaper and a witch. I’ll let you guess who was who. Oh and we had a Uni-Kevin.

They got a bit creative with their pumpkins as well.

Also in October I experienced a first- sleet. I was at work and had just clocked out and was walking to my car with some coworkers. I saw this white stuff on the asphalt and had no clue what it was. It didn’t look like snow nor ice. I asked what it was. They started giggling and said it was sleet.

Now I’m sure the majority of you are laughing your heads off at me right now. And that’s okay! Yes I’ve seen snow. Quite a few times actually. I grew up skiing in the California mountains (Lake Tahoe and mammoth as well as Big Bear) with my aunt and uncle and countless trips to cabins and the snow growing up. But I’ve *never* driven in it. Never driven in snow or ice or sleet. This will be a new experience for me. And frankly it terrifies me. I’m so glad I live a mile from work and have a 4 wheel drive jeep. I’m sure I’ll learn and adapt and everything will be just fine. I’ve gotten some really great advice from our friends & coworkers here.

Funny story- one morning about a month & a half ago I walked out the front door to go to work at 6:45am like any other day and I got in my car and turned it on and noticed the dew (heh) on my windshield. I flipped on my windshield wipers to get rid of it (typical California girl thing to do) and IT DIDN’T MOVE!!!! It was ice! Not just a little frost, like a thick sheet of actual ice. What the heck Indiana?! Seriously go ahead & have your laugh at me. It’s okay. I totally have it coming. I panicked and wasn’t sure what the heck I was supposed to do! I didn’t have an ice scraper and basically just turned my heater on & waited for it to melt & then went on my merry way. I have since rectified that situation & have a scraper & a windshield cover thingy so I’m ready now! Haha! I remember walking from the parking lot to the hospital entrance one morning and seeing the grass completely frozen and it looking like the most beautiful green & silver glitter. I wanted to walk on it & touch it but didn’t want people to think I was nuts. Next time I see that I’ll for sure be all over it!

A San Diego friend of mine, Becca, who happened to have moved 45 min away from us came over to visit at the beginning of November and it was so great to catch up and have some girl time! She is also a wicked talented photographer and snapped a few photos of me. I’m the worlds least photogenic person & she made me look & feel beautiful! If you’re in the northeastern Indiana area, check out her website! Rebecca Danielle Photography She is super talented and so good at what she does! Book a session with her! You won’t be disappointed!

The kitchen is the project that is going to take the longest when it comes to the renovations. We’ve been joking that it’s going to take 10x longer than the bathroom did. Which in all likelihood it will. And that’s okay. At least we have a fully functioning gigantic commercial kitchen in the basement. This upstairs kitchen is literally being built from the ground up. Completely from scratch. The ceiling in the basement is being torn down little by little (as much as will fill up our dumpster each week) underneath where the kitchen is. The carpet has been removed in the square where the kitchen will be built and Atom put up plastic to sand and finish the wood floors. You can see Kevin wasted no time trying to climb it. Silly kitty.

Atom sanded the floors until they were smooth.

We fell in love with the natural look and patterns of the wood.

Atom ended up choosing to seal the wood with oil (not sure the exact name of the stuff) and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Eventually the entire living room floor will look the same when the rest of the carpet comes up. Here’s what it looked like right after it was applied.

And after it dried for a week.

Close up. There are still a few spots that need to be touched up of course and will be done next before the cabinets and countertops are built.

Another furball joined our furry farm in November. Karen the Bengal has stolen ours (& Kevin’s) hearts and fits right in! She is hilarious and loves to snuggle.

The Christmas season is upon us. When we first moved here I tried to imagine what it would be like and really couldn’t picture it in my head because it seemed like it was so far away. It feels like I just blinked and it’s here. Crazy. We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with just the 5 of us and cooked the meal together. We smoked a turkey and had all the traditional fixings. We watched Elf while eating our feast and then brought down our Christmas decorations to start decorating. Atom & the boys brought down a few bins and we quickly realized we were missing ALL of our outdoor lights. We had 2 giant tubs of outdoor lights that somehow either got left behind in San Diego or lost in the move. Atom & I scoured every inch of the building looking for them & they were gone. We were bummed but we still had our tree and all of our other decorations etc. Lights can totally be replaced. So it was all good. Kevin watched with anticipation as Atom took the tree out of the bag and assembled it. He had never seen such a sight in his short life.

We put the tree up and Kevin & Karen were in it within 30 seconds. I was so proud. Haha.

A couple days later I went to Costco & grabbed some lights to put up. We decided to not spend a ton on lights this first year and wait until the after Christmas sales to stock up for next year so we can go all the way around the building & make it look spectacular. Our few lawn decorations made it from San Diego which made the kids super happy!

This past weekend has been pretty rough for me. Friday I had a second heart procedure which ended up being quite a bit more difficult than the first, and in turn my recovery has been more brutal. My entire medical team is seriously amazing and took such awesome care of me and I can’t thank them all enough. Not just because I happen to work for the same hospital system, but because the care was really just *that* excellent. I’m on the mend & feeling better every day. Now if we could just get my stupid heart to behave itself this time that would be great! 😉

It’s supposed to snow next week and our kids are chomping at the bit! Our youngest has never seen snow and she turns 4 next week as well! We’ve had a couple flurries (I think that’s what you call it?) where there are a few snowflakes that basically melt before they hit the ground but that’s it. We’re ready for the real stuff. Or maybe not. We’ve definitely been acclimating to the cooler weather here. It was 50 degrees a week ago & we walked downtown to Antiqology in just long sleeved shirts to get ice cream! WHO AM I?!?!?!

I wanted to leave you with this absolutely stunning panorama photo Atom took of the sunrise from the roof last month.

Life is beautiful friends. Get out there and live it.


8 thoughts on “Winter is coming….

  1. Your story seriously inspires me to get out there and have a huge adventure. I don’t know what it is yet- but it sure is fun to think of things and dream one up! Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Your pictures are lovely! I so enjoy your saga as you chronicle it for us. Your ‘can do’ attitude and positive outlook, even in adversity, are so refreshing. To you the glass is always ‘half full’! 👏👏🤗
    Have a blessed Christmas! 😇🙏🎄

    Liked by 2 people

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