“Wintry Mix”

There are still a couple “official” weeks left of winter but I can feel it in the air, spring is right around the corner. It is hard to even fathom that next month we will have lived here in Indiana for an entire year. It feels so weird and awesome to say that.

We survived our first winter! Sort of. There has definitely been a learning curve about living in freezing (literally) cold temperatures that I have never before in my lifetime felt and having them go on for weeks at a time. Yeah, that was super fun. We sure picked a good winter to be our first! Apparently the past few years have been very mild in comparison as we have been told by many locals as far as snow fall totals and temperatures go. This winter we have gotten a decent amount of snow (although we have been warned it can be much more) but there were some temperature records that were shattered that dated back to the 1930s. Help me out locals because I can’t remember the exact details. There was a long stretch of days where the temperatures were in the single digits & below zero. The windchill temperatures were another new experience for me! People out here go more by that than the actual temperature. Another thing that doesn’t really apply in San Diego. In my head when the sun is out it’s a nice 72 degrees, not 16!! And then I walk outside and it feels like a thousand tiny daggers assaulting my lungs. It’s such a trip!

When it is that cold and icy the kids aren’t able to play outside so there were several weeks where we couldn’t play in the snow which was such a bummer for all of us and thank goodness we live in such a big building and the kids have plenty of room to play!

The back & forth in the weather is just so odd. It was pretty cold & stayed cold for a good deal of time but in the past few weeks the 30-40 degree temperature swings within a 24-48 hour period have been awful. The snow would half way melt & then completely freeze. Hence my completely frozen ice rink of a parking lot we had a couple weeks ago:

There is no water in that photo. That is 100% frozen solid ice. It was wild. It may have been super slushy the day before when it was 54 degrees but the day I took that photo it was 20 degrees. No joke. This is Indiana. The state we have grown to absolutely love. Even with its wicked sense of humor.

My parents flew out for a week to surprise our middle son for his birthday and we had a great week with them as always. They got to experience the up & down temperature swings as well! On their last day in town we got quite a snowstorm that produced really wet snow that made the trees look super neat and fuzzy! I wish I could have gotten a better photo but it was pretty late at night and it had all melted off of the branches to the ground by the morning.

Atom & I have joked all winter when we see the term “wintry mix” used on the news forecast that it sounds like a radio station or a pandora playlist. We even started coming up with songs we would include on such station. And of course when we would talk about it we would use our best radio DJ voices. Haha!

During this winter I conquered a huge fear of mine which is driving in the snow/ice. I am by no means an expert but I am very slowly gaining confidence. But let’s be real- I drive REALLY slow. One thing I am super proud of myself is I did not fall once while waking & slipping on ice this winter! If I can keep my lucky streak going the next month or so that will be fantastic! I’ve mastered the penguin walk!

This past weekend it warmed up enough to take a family bike ride to the park. By “warmed up” it was a balmy 42 degrees. That felt surprisingly warm to all of us! Even Stewart was excited to run around!

The building is slowly coming along (you know, the usual) so this isn’t going to be a major renovation update or anything. Last month Atom stripped, sanded and painted two old mismatched doors that were down in the boiler room for who knows how many decades. They have been repurposed to become sliding barn doors that now close off our laundry room that is off the foyer of the second floor. It is so nice to finally be able to close off the laundry room when I want to in order to give the foyer a classic look.

For any locals who have been inside the building at one point or another, you might not recognize the basement if you walked inside in its current state. Atom has been painstakingly removing the ceiling, which has proven to be quite the slow process. Only so much can come down at a time because our dumpster is only so big and then we have to wait for it to be emptied and so on. We are removing the ceiling because we are wanting to go with more of an industrial look with the exposed beams and eventually the plaster will also be removed from the bricks on the walls. So far it looks really neat but we still have a long way to go.

The kitchen is a work in progress but we are making good headway! Starting from literally nothing and building this kitchen from the ground up I think will be our biggest challenge in the building. Everything else comes with at least a jump start. I have been in absolute awe watching Atom tackle everything so far. Here’s a sneak peek of one corner from last month. Steady progress has been made since this photo.

All of my life my favorite season has always been Fall. After going through my first winter here in Indiana I think my new favorite season is going to be Spring. Not because I dislike Winter, I actually have absolutely loved experiencing all 4 seasons here now since we arrived Easter weekend last year. I noticed last week that there are buds on the trees and the fields are just starting to turn green. So cool! The bitter cold of Winter (especially this year) has been difficult for my health but every time I walk outside and see the snow falling it makes me feel this joy unlike any other. I can’t explain it. It’s just so beautiful. It’s quiet and peaceful. And it was nice for three months and now I’m ready for Spring.


4 thoughts on ““Wintry Mix”

  1. Theresa, you are so sweet and so brave and so talented! Thank you for looking at our little town with your “rose colored glasses”! It makes all of us old timers take a better look!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I grew up in that kind of climate where is sometimes got down to -40 in February. Lived in that until age 36 when I came to San Diego. Glad you’re enjoying it but I will take San Diego any day! John

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  3. It’s a joy to read your thoughts of moving to a completely different climate than you have known all your life. Love hearing about your home changes. What will you do with the big industrial kitchen?

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