Did someone say side projects?

I think any homeowner would agree that there is constantly at least 4 projects going on at once at home. Probably more like 40. Some are huge major renovations while others are small, relatively quick projects. This is our life. Only on a massive scale. Our list of projects (both big and small) is literally a mile long and trying to budget and put them in order of importance can be dizzying.

We are taking things a bit slower with finishing up the kitchen so we stay within our budget each month. The same goes with all of our other projects. We are completely debt free and we want to remain that way, even if it takes us a bit longer to finish all of the reservations and eventually open a business. It has taken awhile to really find the stride and pace that works well for work/life balance when it comes to fixing up the building.

This past month in between painting the newly sanded & fabricated cabinet doors & pull outs for the kitchen, Atom and our boys decided to rip up all of the carpet in their room and finish the original wood floors underneath. The floors that have never seen the light of day. This room is roughly 20×30 and we will be putting a wall up across the middle to break it into two separate 20×15 bedrooms for the boys and they each have 100% designed their space themselves. Here’s what the room looked like with the carpeting once their beds and dressers etc were moved out.

Underneath the carpet was this lovely (eye roll) green super thick linoleum that was also in the office that was converted to our daughters room shortly after we moved in. We were hoping it would have been just carpet over the wood like it is in the open living room/kitchen/dining room area but nope. Couldn’t be that simple.

Ripping up the linoleum was the easy part. The thick fibrous padding underneath was extremely difficult and took many days of tedious scraping to get it all off.

Atom purchased some mega industrial strength adhesive remover at the hardware store (a gallon of it) and sprayed it all over which was the saving grace of the darn floors. It made it come up so much easier! Still took some elbow grease and patience, but it was definitely easier!

After all of the padding was scraped off Atom sanded and sanded and sanded. He used a combination of a small electric hand held sander and our industrial floor buffer with gigantic sanding pads that were 60, 80, and 120 grit.

Once he was done sanding and we scrubbed the floors they were so incredibly smooth by themselves & were super shiny. They were even slippery when walking with socks!

We chose to finish and seal the floors with wood oil. We chose not to formally stain the floors any specific color because we really liked the natural look of the wood. We knew the oil would change the color of the wood a little bit but it wouldn’t be super dramatic. Atom put one layer of the oil down and then when it was totally dry he buffed it and then repeated the same process again two more times. We couldn’t be happier with the end result! The final photo is after the third coat of oil while it was still drying. Now that it’s completely dry it’s the same color and even still looks shiny!

I can’t wait until we are able to take up ALL of the carpet in the rest of the big open kitchen/dining/living room part of the second floor because the wood floors are so pretty underneath. But that would add yet another project to our current 472637 already in progress.

Baby steps.


2 thoughts on “Did someone say side projects?

  1. Theresa,
    How did Atom learn how to do so many maintenance and upgrade projects? It seems like he knows how to do just about anything you need done on your mansion. I have always wanted to know how to do things like this. My son watches videos and can do anything from car maintenance and repair to home remodeling projects. Do you think it’s just and innate talent in people? Anyway, love your projects on the home.


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