Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

It is so surreal to think that as of 1:30am this morning, April 15, 2019 we will have been Indiana residents for TWO YEARS!!! It honestly doesn’t feel like we have been here that long! For a really long time it still felt like we were on this really long vacation but now that we have really settled in and Indiana feels like home. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! Small town living is everything we ever wanted and needed without even realizing it until we packed up everything and left the big city. We have made strides in the building with our renovations while still making it enjoyable! The best thing we have done for ourselves is not setting any unrealistic deadlines or really any deadlines at all! Taking that unnecessary pressure off of our shoulders has turned our project into a labor of love rather than a “job.” We’ve had our fair share of frustrations naturally, and renovations definitely aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, especially when we find evidence of prior shoddy patchwork here and there. Thankfully Atom is basically Superman when it comes to fixing and building and hasn’t met a challenge he can’t fix (yet!)

I need to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our followers who have been with us since the day we closed escrow on the building to those who are new to the site. Your comments and positive reinforcement have really helped us keep on going with the project. Because lets be real- this is a MASSIVE undertaking. I have read every single comment that has been posted on this blog, our facebook renovation page, and instagram. The comments and suggestions really mean a lot and are very much appreciated! When it was suggested that I start a renovation page/blog/instagram about our journey I didn’t really know what to expect. I had no idea how far it would go nor how many people would actually want to follow us. Just this past Wednesday night we blew past 10,000 followers (and climbing) from all over the world on facebook! IS THIS REAL LIFE?! I still have moments almost daily where I look around no matter where I am inside the building and ask myself how in the world we got so lucky to be living this life and living in such a magnificent space. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in quite yet that our house is 20,000 square feet. Sharing our experiences has been extremely therapeutic for me. I love to be able to connect with people and share our experiences. I have also developed an even thicker skin than I had prior to our move. Not everyone is nice on the internet and there are people who have not had nice things to say about us and what we are doing. While they are entitled to their opinions they don’t bother me at all because ultimately they are not living our life and they have zero say in it. Unfortunately there will always be bullies and keyboard warriors who aim to try and threaten others due to their own insecurities and unhappiness. We are thankful to the local law enforcement and our attorneys who have helped us take care of a couple of situations.

So what have we been up to lately? That’s a loaded question for sure! I don’t have many photos to share in this post (sorry!) but we have been busy bees! We spent the week of spring break at a lake about an hour an a half away giving my grandparents little lake house they recently bought a facelift to bring it from the 1970s (think orange shag carpet and lime green walls) to modern times! Atom and I were laughing because we got more done on their little tiny vacation lake house in 8 days than we have done on our building in two years! Just kidding! We ripped up the old shag carpet and replaced it with wood plank flooring, painted the entire house top to bottom, scraped all of the popcorn ceilings, mudded, sanded and painted the ceilings, put in all new electrical outlets and switches (and this tiny 2 bedroom house had easily 50 outlets!) and put in all new baseboards.

When we got home from being at the lake for 8 days, our spring hyacinth bulbs that we planted in the fall had sprouted and were so pretty!

Too bad we had a wicked windy evening a couple days later and I came home from work to find several of them had broken off from the wind. I was so bummed! But at least they look and smell nice in my kitchen!

The basement is coming along nicely. Atom sent me this photo he took the other day after he had spent the day grinding the concrete on the walls getting it ready for waterproof sealing. When I opened the text and saw this photo my jaw dropped. It looked as if a bomb went off in the basement there was so much dust! I’m very glad he had an industrial filtered mask and eye protection on while he was grinding the lower basement walls! It took a good 24 hours for all of the dust to settle down there. It definitely won’t be a fun (or easy) job to clean it all up. Not all renovations are glamorous and this photo is proof of that.

I’m really looking forward to finishing the basement so we can have a huge space for our kids to play in (in addition to the third floor) and for us to host get togethers and possibly have it as a rental space for events. We will be also using a corner (at least temporarily until we finish the upstairs rooms for a more permanent place) of the basement for our home gym equipment and I plan on phrasing a bungee workout harness to attach to one of the 16’ steel beams in the ceiling. I can totally thank a random facebook video that I saw a year ago of people doing bungee harness workouts and knew I HAD to have one!

This summer we are also planning on turning the room we have dubbed the “Egyptian room” up on the third floor into a guest suite and also a potential Airbnb rental (who wants to come visit?!)

From the water pipes exploding at 2am (which had me asking what the heck did we get ourselves into??) on our first night to building our dream kitchen and SO much more this has been an incredible journey for our family. We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU again for all of your support and love.

We are only two years in, with so much more to go! We hope y’all will stick around as we continue on our magnificent renovation journey. ❤️

11 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

  1. I, for one, enjoy your blogs and can’t understand why someone would be rude to you on here! I’m hoping you will have an open house someday so we can all see your home when it’s finished! This building seems to have touched a lot of people’s lives for many years so it would be really nice to see it! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. And a huge THANK YOU to you for embracing our community, putting up with our faults (and a few grumpy people) and sharing your new, beautiful home on Face Book! We love your enthusiasm and youthful spirit. You are an asset to Huntington! 🥰👏☘️🤗

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  3. I’ve never commented but have enjoyed your process. My Dad, husband and two sons are Masons. so seeing a building such as this preserved and loved it wonderful.. SO sorry that this blog has generated negative responses but as you said such is life. YOU go girl. May God bless you and your family and your journey.

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  4. I’ve enjoyed your posts and look forward to seeing them in my inbox. Congratulations on having so many followers and good for you not worrying about the weird ones.

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  5. I am always happy to see another update from you. Like others have said, I am shocked that people would be rude and nasty to you. I’m glad you have thick skin and can ignore the haters. Keep posting for our viewing pleasure! Thanks!

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  6. I absolutely love your posts!! I’ve been following along! You are an amazing family!! I can’t wait to see what you do next!!
    How are the kitties?? Are you planning?
    I’m leaving for Go Wild on Thursday!! Have you ever been?

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  7. I grew up on a civil war farmstead we had lots of rooms and attics and basements and barns with all kinds of hidden things I love old houses and I love visiting your page and watching the renovation as it transpires

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  8. I am so bummed that I just found you on FaceBook yesterday! Love your adventure and what you are doing. Can you imagine twenty, thirty or forty years from now, your kids describing their childhood? Wow, who wouldn’t want to be a kid in that place! As far as the internet bullies, I’m glad they do not get you down. You are better than them. And, like most rude, bully like people, they are just probably jealous at what you guys have stepped up to and accomplished. Love catching up from day 1 to this 2 year milestone!

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