Bringing an Old Oven Back to Life

In preparation for the giant Taco Party we hosted earlier this month, we worked our tails off getting the basement and the kitchen (mostly) done. The massive commercial kitchen in the basement is such a neat space. Often times when I am down there I imagine all of the thousands of meals that had been prepared and all of the people who were fed over the past 93 years.

One feature in the kitchen that wowed us when we initially walked through the building was the sheer size of the stove and ovens. There are ten large burners on the gas stove and five separate ovens all covered by an impressive huge functioning ventilation hood. We aren’t sure how old they are but I’m pretty sure they have been around for many many decades and if anyone knows, please tell us! Lucky for us, Atom spent 15 years working for the local utility company in California and over a decade working on natural gas lines, so he was able to inspect everything and replace any necessary parts if needed.

From all of the decades of use and then us doing some pretty huge renovations in the basement it left a pretty big mess covering the entire kitchen, stove and ovens included. Here are a couple before photos:

The first thing we did was remove the cast iron grill burner plate/covers and clean them and polish them with special stuff that is specifically for cast iron. And of course we seasoned them afterwards.

With a bit (okay a TON) of elbow grease we scrubbed the oven exteriors and backsplash and added some fresh pretty expensive specialty high temp oven paint.

Voila!! Here’s what it looks like now:

They literally look brand new and we couldn’t be happier with the end result! Our friends were shocked when they walked into the kitchen at Taco Party! We still have a ton more to do in the kitchen including removing the old crumbling sticky tile flooring and putting something better down, and scraping and painting all of the walls and ceiling where it is peeling. That will come in time.

These appliances may be OLD, but they still have a lot of life in them and we are happy to still have them in the building!

5 thoughts on “Bringing an Old Oven Back to Life

  1. So incredible. Good for you. I wish bobby had told us before we drive through your vicinity. Would have made more of an effort to swing by. Maybe next year we can be your air b&b tenants.

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