Campfire Muffins

What a month October has been! I have been meaning to get this post written for weeks but unfortunately my body had other ideas. After an amazing week of camping in the West Virginia mountains for my birthday and then me flying to Philadelphia for a medical conference my body was done. I ended up with pneumonia and pulmonary edema. I’m so much better now thankfully, no where near 100% but I’m getting there!

Ok back to camping! Our original plan for my birthday camping trip was to go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and stay at Pictured Rock state park but when we saw the weather forecast calling for snow we had to quickly make other camping plans. So off to West Virginia we went! We had never been to WV before and we’re pretty excited to explore.

The fall colors were unlike anything I’d ever seen before and I think Atom got sick of me saying “WOW” over and over on the drive there. Our campsite didn’t disappoint either.

The first couple of days were drizzly which made for perfect hiking conditions. Once it cleared up the trees around us literally looked like they were on fire in the afternoons! It was absolutely incredible!

One of my birthday gifts to myself was a new vogmask and I was stoked to break it in on this camping trip. They are a severe asthmatics best friend. I carry mine in my purse wherever I go.

I was most excited to make my absolute favorite muffins while on this camping trip. They are a family favorite and easy to make.

I wanted to share the recipe and how we make them because they are *that good*.

We made six of them, one for each of us plus an extra.

Things you’ll need:

2 boxes jiffy blueberry muffin mix

6 large oranges



Prepare the muffin mix according to the directions on the box in a bowl and set aside.

Hollow out all of the oranges & be sure to keep the halves together. (Eat what you scoop out or save for later to eat)

Fill up one half of each orange. Then place the other half on top.

Wrap each orange in 3 layers of foil. Don’t skimp here. Use 3 pieces big enough to cover the orange completely.

Then toss them in the fire. Make sure they are down in the fire & not on top or next to it. They will not burn. The orange peel and foil will insulate them.

Turn them over every couple minutes. They take about 10 min total to cook. Don’t be afraid to pull one out & open to check if it’s done. Just be careful & don’t burn yourself!

Voilà! The most amazing orange blueberry muffins you will ever taste in your life! Grab a fork & dig in!

Back at the building, Atom spent some time last week digging up the overgrown areas in the front and prepped the ground for winter and also planted a ton of tulip bulbs. I can’t wait to see them and my beloved stargazer lilies bloom in the spring!

Last but not least, my favorite tree turned colors a couple weeks ago. The leaves have since fallen due to the snow (!!) we received on Halloween. That was definitely a first for us to experience!

3 thoughts on “Campfire Muffins

  1. I am glad you are feeling better. I love your posts and following your journey – thank you for the recipe – it sounds great – as the mom of an Eagle Scout, we’ve made lots of Dutch oven cobblers – this will be a fun addition to the camping goodies!

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  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better and I hate that you went through all that. My daughter’s an asthmatic so I’m interested in checking out these masks! As a girl scout of many years, I absolutely love the orange blueberry muffins recipe; I definitely want to give these a try! I live in Kentucky and we see those beautiful trees quite often and I appreciate your pictures of all that you saw. I can’t wait to read your next blog, you all are amazing!

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