Lights, Camera, ACTION!

We are only two months into 2020 and we have been incredibly busy! I posted in January after the Insider article about our project went viral and there has been quite a snowball effect of media inquiries since then. It has been quite overwhelming! My inbox was flooded with news station requests, other online news websites, NPR, podcast requests, newspaper reporters, paranormal groups wanting to investigate our building and the list goes on and on and on. At one point I had to shut down my computer and walk away and ignore it for awhile because it was just so much.

One media request that we did reply back to was a local new station here in Indiana wanting to shoot a story. We agreed and our house was invaded (in a good way!) with the news crew of guys and all of their cameras and equipment. Through my initial contact with the reporter we were told that they would film for a couple hours with us for a lifestyle segment on the 6pm news that would air a couple weeks later. When they arrived, Atom and I gave a quick walkthrough of the entire building and the anchor quickly realized there was no way they could fit our story into a 2 1/2 minute segment due to the size of the building and everything they wanted to film in addition to interviews.

We filmed with them for three and a half hours that day and they asked to come back a few days later to shoot more B-roll footage.

We had so much fun with the camera crew and here are a few photos I took from “behind the scenes” that day:

One of our bengals, Paul Hewson was VERY curious and wanted to be in the middle of the action and made himself comfy on the news anchors lap!

The story led the 6pm news as the feature on Monday, Feb 17th. It was 6 1/2 minutes long! We had an extra large Monday night dinner/viewing party to watch.

Here are a few photos from the story:

If you aren’t local and/or didn’t see the feature, here is a link. Click here. There is a second video clip within the article that features our sons bedroom now that he is all moved in.

Here are a few other links to things that have been written about us since January:

We did an interview with Atlas Obscura and they wrote a really great article. Click here.

A radio station in southern Indiana wrote up an article as well. Click here.

A facebook follower sent me a link to an article put out by Bored Panda about buildings that have been repurposed and our house made the list. Pretty neat! Click here.

I did an interview for a San Diego friends podcast called Pieces of Grit which will air later this month!

These interviews have merely scratched the surface and over time I’ll continue to slowly respond to the pile of media requests we still have. Our Facebook page has surpassed 30,000 followers and climbing! Pretty wild for sure! This blog has over 2,500 subscribers as well which absolutely blows my mind! If you have seen our house anywhere on the internet please send us a link!

I know I say this a lot but thanks for sticking around as we continue to document this amazing life changing journey! Hard to believe in April we will have lived in the building for three years!

Stay tuned for a fun story about the night our snowman, Jerry was kidnapped!


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