Jerry the Snowman

A hilarious prank occurred back on Valentine’s Day evening while Atom and I were on a double dinner date with some friends. Before I tell this funny story I’ll have to give you some background. We got a decent amount of snow on February 12th which led to a snow day for our kids (and Atom) on the 13th. The snow was the perfect consistency to build a gigantic snow igloo as well as a snowman. Atom and our kids spent all day long (and I mean ALL DAY- they were completely committed) building a massive 6 foot tall igloo. It was so amazing to see when I got home from work that night! I could stand up inside of the thing!

It took them so long to finish it, with its 8” thick walls that they only had enough time to make a smaller snowman (that they named Jerry) before I got home, complete with an old bicycle helmet. Nice touch, kids.

Atom sprayed both the igloo and Jerry with water after they were completed. It got well below freezing that night and Jerry froze solid.

Ok back to Valentines night. We walked to our favorite restaurant in town and I snapped this photo as we walked past it to dinner to show our friends.

We returned from dinner to see this:

We were scratching our heads trying to figure out where he went! He was a solid block of ice so he wasn’t smashed or anything and his helmet was left at the scene.

We looked all over the place and I just happened to turn around and spotted him.

After we composed ourselves from the hysterical laughter, Atom set out on a rescue mission.

Jerry unfortunately lost both of his arms and one eye in the ordeal. He was relocated to a safer spot closer to the front door and given new arms.

We reviewed our security cameras and uncovered what happened. A couple of high school aged kids were walking down the street when they saw the igloo and decided to check it out. After being inside for just a couple minutes, they came back out and stood next to Jerry. One of them picked him up and they ran across the street before setting him on the corner, patted him on the head and left. Absolutely hilarious!

Unfortunately Jerry melted two days later when the temperatures warmed up.

Till next year, Jerry. We will build you again and see where you go on your adventures!

2 thoughts on “Jerry the Snowman

  1. Lol, Jerry fallen over on his face is one of the funniest things I’ve seen all week, I cracked up! And what a funny little prank for those kids to move him across the street, haha 🙂

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