Just Keep Swimming

I wanted to share something here on the blog that I wrote and shared on Facebook the other day:

“As Respiratory Therapists we are on the absolute FRONT LINES of this covid19 crisis. This is our time to shine and do what we do best. What we always do but are rarely recognized for. We are the first ones there when a patient comes into the ER and can’t breathe. We intubate and breathe for you and make sure you stay alive along with an incredible team of nurses and doctors. We don’t do it for the recognition or pat on the back. We do it because it is our absolute passion and calling and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

(P.S. this is a Snapchat filtered photo and it’s not a real face mask 😉)

These past two weeks in particular are unlike any I’ve ever experienced in my 20 year healthcare career. While our specific area hasn’t been hit with covid19 hard yet, we know it’s coming. We hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Working in healthcare is a stressful enough job (especially working in the ER) on a regular day, but dealing with the global pandemic adds an additional layer of unfathomable stress. We have multiple briefings every day as the covid19 situation is changing so incredibly fast that the CDC and WHO are constantly changing the recommenced guidelines as things unfold in real time globally. Don’t even get me started on the n95 mask critical shortage. Walking around in the hospital you can feel it in the air- the tension, stress and fear. It’s one of the most eerie things I’ve ever felt.

I’m not going to go into specifics about the virus other than it is serious. Very serious. It’s not “just like the flu.” People need to take precautions seriously so we flatten the curve. Social distancing isn’t a suggestion. It’s 100% a necessity.

I am exhausted. Today was my day off and I haven’t done a darn thing. I needed today to rest and catch up. Tomorrow I’ll be back at the hospital doing what I do best while also trying to protect my own vulnerable lungs and heart from any potential exposure I could possibly come into contact with.

Our kids are handling being off school really well. We are thankful they are already accustomed to e-learning from past snow days and are happy to have plenty of room to play in the building. Hats off to all who homeschool their kids! Y’all are saints!

Atom spent the morning driving the school bus with a few other school district volunteers delivering food care packages to families who needed it. He will have plenty of time to work on projects here, specifically the demo of the Egyptian room/future Airbnb suite over the next month and a half minimum while school is out.

We don’t know what will happen over the next few weeks & months. That is a fact. In the mean time we are going to make the most of extra family time (when I’m not working at the hospital) starting with some situationally appropriate board games.

Stay safe friends. So much love and prayers to you all.

We’ll get through this.

3 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Thank you, too, for your update. I am in Germany and sent home from my work because one colleagues daughters teacher is positiv. But in the moment I am still in my contract because I am able to work from at home. So no fear and Angst here.
    All my thoughts are with people like you, working in the health system, wherever it will be. Thank you for your work on the front line, even it is far away from my, home, it is a front line and all the people working on it, should be thanked and honored. Thake care of your lungs and your family. Love from the other side of the Atlantic.

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