Airbnb suite progress update!

In this time of sheltering in place Atom has been hard at work on several different projects we have going at the same time. Since we aren’t making any unnecessary trips to the store for building materials/supplies, so we are making do with what we have on hand for the time being. It has taken quite awhile to remove the ceiling in the airbnb “Egyptian” room as well as some of the plaster from the walls. For reference if you forgot this is what the room looked like after the carpet was pulled up & before we started the walls etc.

Similar to the removal of the basement ceiling that took nearly a year and wasn’t easy, the ceiling upstairs took some time and serious strength from Atom to get it all down. Here are some in progress photos.

Unfortunately we were unable to save the mural work on two of the walls as the plaster was literally crumbling off and falling off in giant sheets so there was no way to even attempt to repair it. We rigged up this makeshift debris shoot out of trash cans and super thick painters plastic (which we later replaced with a heavy duty tarp) and it worked like a charm to drop the construction stuff off the fire escape and straight down to the dumpster! Sure beats hauling it all down the stairs!

This is what the room currently looks like:

I want to keep the exposed brick on the far shorter wall (y’all know how much I love brick!) but the rest will be covered along with a new ceiling and insulation added to help with temperature management.

On Monday, I did what was quite possibly the hardest workout of my life. Atom and I carried 1,000 lbs of drywall up three flights of stairs for the room. It took a total of 14 trips which is the equivalent of 42 stories. I’ve done a few stair climb races in the past for the American Lung Association in the past and this was so much more difficult. Every inch of my body was so sore the next day and is still sore today but I am pretty darn proud of myself! Tuesday I made this shirt for myself to adequately sum up how I’ve been feeling lately.

We are hoping to stay on track and get the suite done as fast as we can all things considered. But this is basically a complete gut and start over with this particular room/bathroom so it’s going to take time. Next we will be starting to attach the drywall and add insulation to the room as well as demo the adjoining bathroom to get it ready for its remodel.

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

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