A Pop of Color!

In addition to our major renovation projects we have a very long list of smaller “weekend projects” that we never seem to get to because the larger projects take up so much of our time. Last week we decided to finally do something with the outside/front of the building. I had asked on our facebook and Instagram pages I think a year or so ago for ideas for what color to paint the three front doors. We knew we wanted to add a pop of color to make the building look more inviting. My issue was when it came down to it I was torn between a few different shades of the color I envisioned. So I basically just kept pushing it off so I wouldn’t have to make a final decision. (Who else can relate there?!)

Ok I’m rambling at this point. Let’s get to it.

Here is a before photo (which was actually taken right before we moved in but nothing changed out front in the 3 years besides adding flower beds.

This is what it looks like now!

I was so torn between either a deep teal or navy blue for the doors. Teal won the internal battle I was having for the past year. Even though I loved the color on the paint swatch, I was soooo nervous to see how it would turn out in the end. We know that teal may not be a color choice for everyone’s front doors but we LOVE IT!

We added a couple large flower pots and planted some lavender in the center and flowers around it. Makes it smell so good when approaching the doors!

We made a couple pretty neat discoveries when sprucing up the front of the building. The metal kick plates on the fronts of the doors that had been painted white for who knows how many years are actually solid brass! We stripped the decades of paint off and Atom sanded and buffed them to a mirror shine. The brass really makes the teal on the doors pop even more and ties it all together!

I laugh at that photo of Atom wearing the swim goggles every time I see it because it’s so funny! His regular eye protection/goggles were fogging up too much due to the humidity so he grabbed one of our pairs of swim goggles and they ended up working surprisingly well!

The original light fixtures out front are also brass and we polished them as well. To be honest I think I actually liked the patina better vs the polished version so I’m pretty sure we will let them all re-patina over time.

Probably the coolest discovery with this weekend project was Atom’s discovery up on the little platform above the doors. There is really neat ironwork across in that area and Atom was wire brushing it so he could add a fresh coat of black paint because the old paint was peeling and flaking off. As he started brushing, he immediately realized that the vertical strips of what look like flowers are actually solid bronze! Fun fact- Atom worked for a number of years in a bronze foundry when he was a teenager so he is trained to spot bronze immediately. After several applications of heavy duty paint stripper and some buffing/polishing, the flowers look STUNNING!! (These photos were taken before the rest was painted with a fresh coat of black paint.)

It feels like an entirely new home! It’s amazing what a pop of color can do!

Wishing you all a fun, safe, and socially distant 4th of July!

5 thoughts on “A Pop of Color!

  1. Your hard work — and I am certain that it is VERY HARD WORK — is paying off. The front of your new home looks terrific!

    One question: What is that in the center of the right-hand door (of the three entry doors)? (Is it a doggy door, a mail drop/slot, or something else?) None of my business, but just curious.

    Keep up the great work and keep posting.

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