“It’s not a house, it’s an adventure!”

“It’s not a house, it’s an adventure!”

This was a comment that someone made on a post I made in a group all about old homes that really made me stop and think.

Its no secret that we have a pretty large following on social media, which still feels strange and surreal and we are so thankful. From our own pages and the articles that have been written about our project and shares of things we have posted about and the list goes on. I read every single comment on our posts because we truly value all of the positive responses we have gotten and it pushes us to keep going even when things feel absolutely overwhelming (like the current future airbnb suite bathroom which is proving to test us both physically and financially.)

Our house is definitely an adventure! Even when things are frustrating and not going as fast as we would like we choose joy because we are so lucky and thankful to be living this life! We didn’t choose the building, the building chose us. I truly believe that.

Part of our ongoing adventure was moving a MASSIVE old wardrobe that was left behind from the 4th floor downstairs to the second floor. The first time I laid eyes on this sucker I knew I wanted it moved but wasn’t quite sure how to get it down the stairwell. This is the place we planned for it to go in the second floor foyer.

It took 3 years of pondering and we finally came up with a plan after we got it stuck between the 3rd & 4th floors because it was too big to make the turn down stairs. It was painfully obvious that it was built in place a very long time ago. We had 4 of our guy friends over (I totally bribed them with tacos) and they, along with Atom & our oldest son were able to slowly maneuver it down the stairs. It had to be lifted up & over the banister at each turn and there was a lot of yelling PIVOT as they got it down. We have some heavy duty patching to do on the trim around the double doors into the second floor but all in all they got it down in one piece. To say it fits like a glove is an understatement!

The wardrobe measures 8’x7’x2’ and we can fit all five of us inside it and more. It’s a bit deceiving in this photo but it fits exactly between the doors without any overlap. Now that it’s in place we more than likely won’t keep it there forever because I’m not sure I love it in this spot. But considering it took 3 years & 6 guys to get it there, it will stay for awhile until I figure out where to move it next.

Atom had some fun with a quick photoshop edit as we have said so many times over the past week that we’re going to Narnia through the wardrobe!

I wanted to leave y’all with one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen about a week ago. We had just finished dinner when I noticed how red the sky looked from the kitchen window. Which is basically code for “LETS GET ON THE ROOF NOW!” I grabbed my camera and this is what we saw. It literally took my breath away at its beauty. San Diego has some pretty amazing sunsets but I think the Midwest has them beat!

9 thoughts on ““It’s not a house, it’s an adventure!”

  1. What a great — and MASSIVE — piece of furniture. I don’t see how you got it moved, but you did. Congrats! One question: It appears to have lettering across the top but I can’t make it out. What does it say? (I hope that it’s not an old Masonic curse against anyone who moves it from its original location. Just kidding.)

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  2. What a beautiful sunset and your picture of it was at the perfect time, I’d say. You and Atom have done a remarkable job so far and I look forward to seeing what’s next. Love the giant wardrobe and your Narnia take on it too (ha!).

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  3. The wardrobe piece is truly beautiful. And I will add that I love when I’m notified of a new post on your site. They are entertaining and uplifting and I’m in awe of the energy you have for this enormous project. It is obvious that you truly love this beautiful piece of history and as a born-and-raised Huntington resident, I so appreciate what you are doing. God bless – stay healthy and safe!

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  4. I too was involved in the Constellation of Junior Stars, that was their name in New York State. I have many fond memories of the time I spent with this wonderful organization. My dad was a Mason and my mom was in the Eastern Stars. I held the office of devotion.

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